!! OMG, his peen: Prince William !!

I think this could be the first instance of ROYAL NUDITY on !! omg blog !!, so prepare yourself. Prince William took a break to go pee during his polo match only to be stalked by the paparazzi.
I know what you’re thinking: we all wish it was Harry, but let’s make do with the somewhat fuzzy NSFW photos after the jump!

Click to enlarge.
(Thanks to CB for the photos!)

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52 Comments on "OMG, his peen: Prince William"

  1. This is not fake to those who believe it… The guy likes polo, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had to take a piss. And also, he’s more cut than an emo kids wrist, behind the head of his erm, peen, you can see a little pink skin, to me, indicating circumcision, but then again, he might have a little foreskin.


  3. The royal sword unsheathed.

  4. Really, Steve. Does anyone really think that someone growing up in that family with that mother would not be aware that pissing at an open fence at a polo match would not be recorded by someone? I call bullshit. But if I’m wrong: nice piece!

  5. cute!!!!!!….

  6. sulochana lakchan | July 23, 2011 at 3:47 am | Reply

    i love wiliom

  7. its just a cock LOL – and i think its fake

  8. HOT! Wish it was Harry though! But it will like…you know…do the job 😉

  9. hey he may not be cut, i personally wear mine back all the time, and if im wearing it forward, i pull it back to pee, sooo…

  10. Finally you all guys know his is not a monster!

  11. Regarding an earlier comment, actually Canadian circumsicion rates are down to something like 7 percent. I’m not sure about the exact number but it’s really low.

  12. Oh my gosh, that’s mouth watering. I think i’m gonna be thinkin bout this till i get sleepy..ooohh lala. i’m alone in my room..haha.

  13. On second thought, that picture is starting to look fake to me. I feel like I’ve seen the picture of his head (cranium) before but in different clothes and surroundings. And don’t most of us look down at what we’re doing rather than looking sheepishly. As someone has said, why pee at an open fence rather than into the trees if one doesn’t want to be seen.

  14. ireneo_blanco ym id | November 24, 2008 at 10:11 pm | Reply

    ohhh wow, shit….
    i wish my ass would be fucked with his royal pee pee hahahahahahaah
    i bet that would feel, royaly filth..

  15. YES I went to eton, and look at the time that I posted. (I was hammered) I ment noble in the UK, in the England if your cut your generaly from a noble family back ground. im in my early 20s and all my friends are cut very few aren’t cut.

  16. All these comments about circumcision are ignorant. Why would you cut a part off of anyone’s sexual organ? Foreskin is there for complete pleasure and protection and if you think otherwise, you’re just misinformed. Cutting it off is barbaric stupid practice but he has a nice-looking penis no matter what!

  17. ohh lala!!

  18. Just because one went to Eton, doesn’t mean they should be able to spell or use punctuation. Rich does not equal smart!

  19. Shaun Michaels | November 23, 2008 at 9:11 am | Reply

    Nice,if its real.He should be cut,like most or all male members of the Royal Family. But I heard that upon the boys Birth,Diana wouldnt let Charles do it as it scared her. But if Chuck is cut,why not the boys? Its best anyway,does look cut. Theres people sayin he is & isnt cut,but unless someones actually seen it 4 real,who knows. Id still like 2 think its 1 lovely peice of cut Royal Prime Beef! Harry? Yuck,hes ugly,dirty & a pig! William all the way! Yummy!!!

  20. Hahaha. The guy who said the whole noble family thing in Canada is completely wrong. The majority of youngsters today are not circumcised in Canada with the more affluent and educated doing it less than the poorer class.
    Among my generation (mid 20s) it seems about evenly split. The majority of my friends aren’t. Not because they aren’t “noble” (a word we would never use to describe a class in Canada. We are not class oriented at all like the UK) but because their parents are often from Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc).

  21. that’s one royal dick.

  22. You went to Eton yet you can’t even spell or write very well, lol?
    Anyways, Prince William is uncut. The second picture is with his foreskin unretracted, and the one where he’s pissing is with it retracted, obviously.

  23. If you went to Eton, why can’t you spell or punctuate?

  24. Pidgo, et al, enough with the foreskin hate speech. Sex is supposed to be voluntary. No one is obligated to put anything in their mouth that they don’t want.

  25. Re: clothes, that is not a polo outfit but a motorcross outfit, hence the shoulder pads.
    cool photos.

  26. i went to eton from canada and all the boys that are from nobile families are cut because if was seem as a status symble that you were cut i was always asked if i had a royal decent because im cut

  27. he is cut he was cut at age 16 as his request because of the fact that a rurling male royal in past 200 years in britian are always circumsised by tradition and the pics not fake


  29. Fake…The head looks weird. I doubt he would have chosen such an easily seen place to piss. Look at all the trees behind him.

  30. At least the Royal Family is smart enough to circumsize. That’s at least one dick in the UK that doesn’t look like a carrot

  31. It has to be a setup pohotoshop.
    Firstly the clothes are not those worn by PW at any of his Polo matches , secondly who would pee onto a wire fence in full view of people when they could turn round and pee on all those trees behind him or even use one of the portable toilets available at the match ?

  32. oh another thing, it is looking more and more it is a photoshop as i really doubt william would have been idiotic enough to take a piss in public like that.

  33. Love me some royal penis…but this looks fake to me. His head looks too small for the shoulders…anyone?

  34. youd see the scar near his fingers if he was cut, there were rumours that william was cut when he was older but nothing solid. most boys in eton of this generation would be uncut, the rate has decreased rapidly in uk private hospitals.

  35. you’d expect paparazzi to respect people when they pee. in public.

  36. WOW! Well, I htought I would nevver see the day!
    And for the record, the boys are both Cut, upon request and tradition! LMAO! Did you guys think Royalty would be ignorant about these ideas, maybe when they thought they descended from King Solomon, but now they know what’s at stake healthwise! And they wouldn’t be looking like your typical crooked teeth commoner down there either! And the boys are better looking the same like their Upper Class and Eton class m8s, or actually the guys from Uni of St. Andrews to be exact! He’s not holding any dirty foreskin back! You would be able to tell, c’mon! That beautiful head is of a civilized circumcised man! Deal with it!

  37. I don’t see that he is uncut or holding foreskin back at all. He looks tightly cut to me…no matter how much I enlarge the pics. Looks like a cut cock. Yeah I think Harry would be hot too I have a thing for redheads and ginger hair men. Regardless, William is very sexy.

  38. No, I believe he is cut. Diana insisted the boys be uncut, but after she died, at Charles’ request, the royal mohel swooped in and did a little ‘tree trimming’. British royalty is circumcised..it’s a status thing. Larry

  39. Thick – very nice!
    Actually, the crown prince of Denmark (I think it was) had some nudie pics floating around a couple of years ago, so he is the first “royal nudity” I recall…

  40. Oh wow, HRH has a penis! Imagine that! Ya, if it were the other prince, well that would be some kinda HOTT. William is one of those guys that, like his father, is hard to imagine that he has a penis, let alone that it actually works. Unlike Harry, he just doesn’t give off a sex vibe. Still fun to see, though. Adds a..whats the phrase..a “human element” to the story.

  41. i have masturbated twice with this photos. William is my ultimate dream sexual partner.

  42. But why he’s holding it like a cigar? (I don’t hold mine like that…)


  44. Oh come on…please tell me you were at least a LITTLE tempted to headline this “Royal Willy”! LoL

  45. hmm, not much to look at. just your average 5-inch intact flacid penis (he’s holding the foreskin back with his two fingers there). i actually am surprised william would do something like that considering it is in public. i would have thought he would have a spotter or two in front and behind to cover him up, security detail and all. are we sure it isn’t a photoshop

  46. wow quite a well endowed prince !

  47. i think he is faking it for the paps, i think its his thumb.
    oh wait, i just saw the one with pee coming out.

  48. Finally. But he’s not as good looking as he use to be.

  49. omg, must masturbate now!
    i’ve been hoping for this day since i was like 14.

    He’s got a nice size flaccid penis. Great length for limpness, and what an amazing and sexy head. Wow. There have to be a few more peestream photos though….

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