!! OMG, his sex tape: Sam Jones III !!

And now for something a whole lot more NSFW. Last fall, Vivid released a sex tap starring Smallville actor Sam Jones III, and, well, now we’re getting around to showing you. But be warned, it’s a sex tape with a lady, so there are lady bits in some of the shots—although you’ll hardly notice in comparison to his impressive peen.

Click images to enlarge.

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10 Comments on "OMG, his sex tape: Sam Jones III"

  1. Kevin herron | July 31, 2016 at 11:19 am | Reply

    Sam jones iii

  2. Send me more of this to [email protected] please

  3. Dude got himself some white pussy!!

  4. Mhmm, nice bits. Any idea where I could find the whole thing?

  5. FINALLY! Some decent black dick! Makes a pleasant change from the scrawny white twinks you usually bore us with.

  6. Guys….>>THIS

  7. He’s got such a nice cock. Weird toddler body, baby face, huge man cock.

  8. No wonder he left “SMALLville”. Hahaha. Sorry. I had to.

  9. I’d take it..:)

  10. Wow! He definately isn’t “Smallville”! Holy crap. Let me ride that!

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