!! OMG, how 21st century: Lurid Digs !!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a true evolution in the blogosphere, but the absolutely-not-safe-for-work blog Lurid Digs has made me sit up and take notice. “Horrifying gay amateur interiors” is the tagline, and the concept is a panel of “experts” picking apart the background in sexy amateur photos posted around the web. It’s like the tabloids’ “What Were They Thinking?” except it’s people’s houses, and the people in them are sporting leather jockstraps and more (and less). The commentary isn’t half bad either. Check it out, but not at work.

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  1. Lurid digs is the pepsi to obscene interiors coke!! Obscene interiors, was around way before and is a lot fmore funny and more sophisticated in my opinion.

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