!! OMG, How Abundant: Sister Wives !!

What the heck! Stretch out in those sacred undies and call your harem down to the teevee room, because Sister Wives is coming! These Real Housewives of Utah are more elegant than Mrs. the Countess Luann De Lesseps, crazier than Danielle Staub and can whip up a nice, healthy Jell-O salad faster than Bethenny Frankel can blink her strangely immobile eyes. And they’re all married– to each other!
This heartwarming show about the wonderful world of straight polygamy premieres on TLC (which stands for The Little People and Religious Freak Channel) on the 26th.

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  1. You know what, as long as they’re consenting adults, what’s the problem. I have more than one set of friends in a committed three-way relationship (both hetero – well bi – and homo). If it works for them and there is no coercion or psychological trauma involved and the kids grow up in a loving environment, what’s the problem? I’m sure it won’t be as much fun as Big Love, though.
    Certainly not as morally abhorrent as gay marriage, right? Right? C’mon, live and let live.

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