!! OMG, how adorable: Cute Things Falling Asleep !!

I don’t know about much in life, but I can say 100% for sure that I’ll never tire of watching aminals go to Sleepyland. And to satisfy my addiction, there’s now a blog called CUTE THINGS FALLING ASLEEP that I can check every day for the most up-to-date videos of the closest thing to heroin you can find.
Thanks to Aleysa for the tip.
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Okay so can I just tell you that my dad has had a lot of GLBT things go through his house? There’s me, of course, but he has also had at least two pets that are GLBT. I’m reminded of this story because I hate cockatiels because my dad had one that would scream all night long in its cage. It was the worst. But his name was Ralph. And one day, Ralph laid an egg. But instead of calling Ralph a girl from that point on, we had to still call Ralph “he” and never change the name to “Ralphina” or anything like that. So either Ralph was a pre-op F2M cockatiel or Ralph was really a woman forced to live as a man under my father’s tyrannical rule.
Then there’s Magee, my dad’s gay mutt. He’s the sweetest puppy in the world, but he always gets his lipstick out when I come to visit. He also is a slutty bottom who likes to have orgies in the leash-free dog park while my dad screams at the other boy dogs who are humping Magee: “Stop that! He’s not gay! He doesn’t like that!” But it seems that Magee likes it just fine.
That’s all!

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  1. How adorable although I thought the kitten must have felt uncomfortable with its head like that.

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