!! OMG gossip: Madonna and Jesus wedding rumors !!

OMG wedding bells for Madonna and model boytoy Jesus Luz? [jewssip]
Clay Aiken tries to stir things up backstage at American Idol [socialite life]
Buy a lock of Adam Lambert‘s hair on eBay! [towleroad]
OMG female jury members at Cannes love the camera [agent bedhead]
President Obama gets an “F” on gay rights so far, makes a joke about gay marriage in Iowa [slog]
Lacoste has never looked so edgy [emily eisen]
Kevin Spacey is cast as Jack Abramoff in new movie Casino Jack [unreality mag]
OMG new season of True Blood June 14!! [oh la la]
Paulina Porizkova fired from Top Model [l.a. rag mag]
Sexy vegetarian Owain Yeoman shows off where his pubes used to be in a new PETA ad [popbytes]
OMG no more “erotic services” on Craig’s List [carnal nation]
Feeling sad about an ex? Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships. [dossier journal]
OMG cock flavoured seasoning! [gayest ever]

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