!! OMG, how adorable: Dik-Dik !!

Hey Girls, I’m blogging from San Francisco this week. I’ve done a ton already since getting here on Friday, but the most notable was seeing the adorable pweshus Dik-Dik at the SF Zoo. We braved the throngs of straight people and one brash homophobe (something I didn’t expect to encounter here, I guess the zoo’s an anomoly – the back woods of San Francisco). But it was all worth it cause of this tiny 11-pound spindle-legged dwarf antelope with a trunk. See a video of the Dik Dik in motion after the jump.
If you have any hot tips about fun and exciting things happening in San Francisco during this momentous Pride Week, feel free to send them along to [email protected].
Photo by PARKER.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how adorable: Dik-Dik"

  1. The little creature is cute enough, but still shocking that you had to wait in line to see Dik in SF.
    Pride is next weekend…shouldn’t be as difficult to get a look.

  2. Too cute…I hape you have a great time!

  3. You’ll find homophobes anywhere in SF where tourists dare to tread. My partner and I were once accosted by a tourist lady with the BEST intentions not once, not twice, but three times during a single meal at Cheesecake Factory. She literally walked over to our table from across the restaurant and struck up a conversation about what a shame it was that we weren’t interested in banging the waitress three times.

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