!! OMG, how seductive: Jilted skinny guy !!

What better way to get over your girlfriend than to dance around in your underwear and sing along to the new Grizzly Bear song “Cheerleader”? Video gets slightly NSFW towards the end when he briefly flashes the top of his butt and pubes. (Thanks to Ed for the tip!)

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14 Comments on "OMG, how seductive: Jilted skinny guy"

  1. Something Creepy about this video….It reminds me of the tuck scene in Silence of the Lambs, especially when he starts his singing.

  2. Totally gross. Someone take the guy out for a happy meal, for god’s sake.

  3. Well some country somewhere sure has got talent. I hope it’s yours and not mine.

  4. Holy cow… I watched another of his videos and his girlfriend seemed a little psycho. He’s got to have some kind of disorder.

  5. I always want to be thin. I’m not. But this just totally turns me off. It is the most unsexy body I have seen! I like dancing but his legs look deformed! manorexiiiiiiiic

  6. Anorexia is so disgusting. I think I threw up a little. Good for the gf, she needed an upgrade.

  7. I have those same undies… hot…
    And, btw… I totally think this guy’s adoreable… what does that say about me?

  8. that was depressing

  9. I am pretty sure the this guy is trying out for a spot in nxt season’s “So You Think You Can Dance!”

  10. Young people these days… Whatever happened to just getting plastered, then sit in a dark room, masturbate incessantly while crying? That would still seem less freaky than this guy.

  11. I bet he has a huge cock and never gets to use it.

  12. is this amy whinehouse?

  13. Hmmm.
    I think we are free to liberally interpret ‘girlfriend’ in this case.

  14. Looks like she got out just in time.

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