!! OMG how amazing: Vinyl Killer !!

I went to check out VISIONAIRE WORLD to see what their latest issue was all about when I discovered the “Vinyl Killer”.
A Vinyl Killer is a little car with a needle on the bottom that you can use as a portable record player. You just put the car on top of the record and it scoots around the album and plays the music.
So in the SOUND edition of Visionaire, you get a bunch of picture-records with pieces by Michael Stipe, Courtney Love, Cat Power, Alexander McQueen, and so on, plus a little Vinyl Killer so you can play them anywhere. Genius!
See a video of a Vinyl Killer in action after the jump. Then buy me an issue of Visionnaire. I’m poor. And greedy.

I remember when our record player broke when I was a kid. The table turned but no sound would come through. So I would tape a sewing needle to a paper cone and hold it against Disney’s Disco Duck album over and over again. Please date me.

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3 Comments on "OMG how amazing: Vinyl Killer"

  1. OMG! It should be called Vinyl Fucker! Jeeesus. It sounds awful.

  2. Yipes, there’s a reason they call these Vinyl Killers — I wouldn’t want that thing get anywhere near my precious vinyl collection…
    And seriously, Visionnaire is only (possibly) worth the money when they feature hot naked boys… And even if they are naked, who’d want to see Stipe and McQueen nude?

  3. By the way, what happened to Frank?

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