!! OMG, how animated: Calvin Klein !!

At age 65, fashion designer Calvin Klein is looking good, and he is one expressive heterosexual! Look at those hands in the air.
In this beefcake photo, notice the straight dude uniform of sleeveless shirt with capri pants:
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5 Comments on "OMG, how animated: Calvin Klein"

  1. Who’s the other guy?????

  2. Those are just long shorts, not capri’s. Capri’s come to at least mid-calf length and sometimes below the calf, also similar to pedal pushers.
    See the Wikipedia definition below.
    “Capri Pants (“capri’s”) are a style of pants usually worn in warm weather. They are designed to end mid-calf or just below the calf.”

  3. I thought those are long shorts — shouldn’t the cuffs need to come down to mid calves to qualify those pants as capris?
    I suppose I should aim to look like that when I get to his age…

  4. I know he has a Beard/Wife thing, but does he REALLY try to hide the fact that he’s gay? Just asking, is all.

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