!! OMG, How Babylike: Monkids !!

Attention gays! You may not be able to adopt or get married, but have you looked into adding a little monkey to your family? They’re just as cute and you don’t have to send them to college. (Although I guess it would be extra-cute if you did!)

Jesus and Carmen waited seven years, until they were financially stable, to adopt a newborn.

But the Indiana couple didn’t adopt a human baby. They adopted a baby monkey.

“She’s pretty much our entire lives, actually,” Jesus said of baby “Butters.”

Monkey business is big business in the United States, where some people pay up to $5,000 to adopt a monkey of their own, often a capuchin monkey, which can grow up to 22 inches and 9 pounds. There are hundreds of videos on the Internet of proud parents enjoying their monkeys, and an estimated 15,000 monkeys live with humans as pets or surrogate children in the United States…

Jesus and Carmen decided not to have children because of Jesus’ own difficult childhood. But they are devoted parents to Butters.

Carmen crocheted clothes in anticipation of her daughter’s arrival, and dotes on her “baby girl,” who wears diapers sized for premature infants.

“She is gorgeous,” Jesus said in “My Monkey Baby.” “Hi, little girl.”

“Look at those big pretty eyes,” Carmen gushed. “Yeah, those pretty eyes.”

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4 Comments on "OMG, How Babylike: Monkids"

  1. Little Butters won’t be so cute when it attacks and gnaws their faces off.

  2. Makes you proud to be American (i)

  3. This is really sad. They say that they love these animals as their children. However if you take a look they have all their teeth removed because monkeys can be vicious.

  4. Check out this vid…satire of Monkey babies

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