!! OMG, how bizarre: My New Pet !!

I had a nightmare last night and this fell out of my ear. I don’t know if I should smother it or give it food. It’s like a bird-mouse-gryphon-roo. Also, do you like my nail polish? It’s pearlescent.

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10 Comments on "OMG, how bizarre: My New Pet"

  1. Ick! Looks like a fricking kangaroo rat. Saw one in the yard the other day.

  2. Its a Dipodidae

  3. omg i want that thing, Wat is it? someone please tell us. its soo cool!

  4. Had to know, so I went in search of a name. It’s a Jerboa: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerboa

  5. Kinda looks like a Kangaroo Rat.


  7. That’s a pygmy jerboa.

  8. That is a pretty weird looking rodent. I like the tale.
    Cool video, thanks for sharing.

  9. someone please tell me what that is!

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