!! OMG gossip: Robert Pattinson finally hits the gym !!

OMG Robert Pattinson shows off his new fit body! [oh la la]
Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig will both play cops in a new Broadway play. Naked, gay cops. Okay I made the last part up. [dlisted]
Madonna gets nipply in a new photoshoot [cityrag]
Jon and Kate Plus 8 eclipses J-Lo‘s reality show [celebitchy]
Brooke Hogan smokes pot. Here is the proof. [yeeeah]
OMG True Blood Season 2 sneak peek! [l.a. rag mag]
Lindsay Lohan snubbed by Asher Roth. Turns to Twitter for sympathy. [jewssip]
Rob Thomas speaks out for gay marriage [towleroad]
Feed your chow-chow glitter to give her a lustrous, sparkly coat [glamour and glitter]
Fame is hard for Winona Ryder [i’m not obsessed]
Rihanna stars in new Kanye West video [socialite life]
OMG the Ferris Bueller glass house is for sale! [bitten and bound]
OMG is this the new homophobia? [the new gay]
OMG bacon iPod case! [worleygig]

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3 Comments on "OMG gossip: Robert Pattinson finally hits the gym"

  1. Those aren’t his real abs, it’s just paint!

  2. finally hits the gym? i thought he was hot as fuck even before he bulked up. some of us are attracted to more than one type of sexy

  3. lol. i thought that said ‘OMG kevin bacon iPod case’. i guess i was just wishing.

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