!! OMG, How Bloodthirsty: Moms with guns !!

Is the AK-47 Mom the 2010 version of the oh-so-oughts helicopter parent? Maybe! But based on how my mom handles her cell phone (“Ahhh! Is this thing… what do I press?! Ahhh! Are you there?! I took a picture! Why is it beeping!? Hello! Am I supposed to press a button? Ahhh!”) I think giving her a gun would be a really terrible idea.
(You may be reasonably asking: what is the point of this ad? After perusing the website promoted at the end, I’m thinking the point of it is that moms don’t need guns– but it would be fun if they had them! Well hmmm!)
(Via Joe.My.God.)

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  1. has anyone noticed that the song playing in the video is a complete ripoff of the Sleigh Bells’ “Infinity Guitars”?

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