!! OMG, how busty: Simon Cowell !!

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American Idol judge Simon Cowell is showing off his large breasts here on vacation. He must tape those suckers down during taping so as not to outdo Paula Abdul.

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10 Comments on "OMG, how busty: Simon Cowell"

  1. he is hot, sexiest man alive

  2. Still very hot, just leaned forward a bit too much at the wrong time. Bet he has something else that hangs down good too!Yea, I’d do him.


  4. i, still think he is hot, i now hate jimmy kimmel!!!

  5. Wish I was thr. Would have sucked his nipples…

  6. i think simon cowell is amazing and would love to cuddle up to them man boobs and his hairy chest. And i would love to

  7. I’d still bone his warm, hairy asshole.

  8. That is just nasty, he should have just left his shirt on…..

  9. All Together Now:
    “Nice tits!”

  10. Yikes! Now that is disappointing! I actually used to think Simon was kinda hot – but not anymore. MMMMM. Bummer.

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