!! OMG, how chaotic: ANTM Casting Call !!

Thousands of model wannabes nearly started a riot at a New York casting call for America’s Next Top Model: Shorty Edition. A car overheated near the mass of waiting women and one of the ladies mistook the smoke for a bomb. This caused mass panic, six injuries, and three arrests. The auditions were called off and the aspiring models, some of whom had camped out overnight, were told to go home.
So much for smashing stereotypes!
Thanks to Jon for the tip.

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  1. This reminds me of an episode of “Friends” when they hear a car backfiring, but think it’s someone shooting at them. And then later Ross is telling Rachel about his near-death experience and she replies “That’s not a near-death experience. It’s BARELY an experience.”
    Still funny though.

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