!! OMG, How Cheap: Newsweek Sells for One Dollar !!

Well hey, if I’d known that America’s second-least-irrelevant newsweekly was going to be sold for a measly pile of pennies I might have scrounged in my couch cushions for the spare change to buy it myself. Too late now: Newsweek “Don’t Call Us Time” Magazine— which you might have read in the rare dentist’s office too hoity-toity to subscribe to InTouch (time to get a new dentist!)– was put on the auction block by The Washington Post Co. The Sheinhardt Wig Corporation a few months ago and news has come down today that electronics mogul Sidney Harman has purchased it for less than the cost of a third rate handjob in Bangkok. These days it’s all about the Washingtons. Or in this case, the Washington (singular). That’s right: Newsweek has been sold for one crisp dollar bill. (The 91-year-old Harman will also absorb the magazine’s considerable debt and has promised not to fire too many people.)

Well now I’m pissed! I want a magazine! I just found two dusty nickels and some kind of Mexican coin on the floor– what can this get me? Cat Fancy? The Good Men Project Magazine? Anything? Anything?

Sadsies. I guess for now I’ll just have to settle for this old OMG Blog.
[Media Decoder via Joe.My.God.]

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