!! OMG, How Clever: Ikea Heights !!

There’s a reason I can hardly enjoy anything anymore. Whether it’s books, teevee shows, movies or whatever, everything new seems to fall into two categories:
1) Things I wish I thought of and 2) things I did think of but didn’t get around to executing.
Either way, annoyance with my own failure gets in the way of any kind of pleasure. It’s a terrible way to live!
Ikea Heights falls into the first category, which hurts a little bit less. (Or does it hurt a little bit more? Ahh, I can’t decide!) Either way, the show describes itself as a “melodrama shot entirely in the Burbank, California Ikea without the store knowing.”
THIS IS GENIUS WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF IT? Episode One is above, the rest can be found here.
[Thanks for de Cosmos for the tip.]

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2 Comments on "OMG, How Clever: Ikea Heights"

  1. LMAO. This is fucking awesome.
    Also, “James” is kinda hot. So are “Jeffrey” and “Federico”. Ok, I may have to start watching this.

  2. omggg I love this! So good.

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