!! OMG, how convenient: No-Wash Underwear !!

So here’s the scenario: It’s Friday night, the end of a busy work week. Of course you didn’t do laundry and oh no! You just remembered you have a date! And every undergarment you own has a dirty little stain on the crotch or in the crack. Should you wear your leather jockstrap? No…too soon. Better feel him out first. What are you going to do?
Don’t fear, you dirty bastard, just pick up your NO-WASH UNDERWEAR with the urine-coloured front and poopie-coloured backside. Now, just stick a sheet of Bounce in there and you’re good to go!

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3 Comments on "OMG, how convenient: No-Wash Underwear"

  1. Those underwear are hilarious.
    It astounds me that there are people who claim that their dirty underwear have no stains. Really, bogart4017, your underwear are immaculately clean at all times, with nary a stray drop of urine or the faintest suggestion of a skid mark? You have complete control over what fluids and oils come into contact with your underwear? If your underwear don’t get dirty, why on earth would you ever need to wash them?!
    We all know that there’s that last squirt of piss that does not come out until your penis is positioned in your pants, regardless of how scrupulously you shook it. We all know that regardless of the care taken with wiping, your anus, which you poop out of, will leave some impression on your underwear that rub on and near it. This is COMMON SENSE. Good luck finding a date that passes your dirty underwear screening process, robot.
    And to Andrew- girls have the exact same stains, just with period blood and vagina juice mixed in.
    NO ONE WILL OWN UP TO THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN FACT OF DIRTY UNDERWEAR? The mere mention of dirty underwear immediately elicits lots of bizarre, defensive “I don’t know who has dirty underwear but it sure ain’t me no no” reactions. It’s like saying “I don’t sweat or fart”.

  2. LOL! Man oh man…if I ever meet a guy with such stains…I think I might consider being str8 LOL!

  3. What in the who-shot-john….what funky bastard has underwear with yellow and brown stains in them?? Arrghh! Bad toilet training at this age? You may get a date but you won’t keep it.

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