!! OMG, how cute and delicious: Mangalitsa pigs !!

The curly-haired Mangalitsa pig hails from Hungary originally, and has recently been a hot commodity among trendy New York restaurateurs, as evidenced by this recent article in The New York Times.
According to Devin Knell executive sous-chef at California eatery French Laundry, “Unlike workaday pork, Mangalitsa is marbled, and the fat dissolves on your tongue — it’s softer and creamier, akin to Wagyu beef.”
But they are also big, curly, and cuddly and make great pets! Just ask Alice, pictured below, whose dad spent £250 so Alice’s new friend Elizabeth wouldn’t end up on the plate of NY investment banker.
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  1. Damn it, this is the reason I don’t want to know where my protein comes from…

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