!! OMG, how cute: Cat on a horse !!

This video has double appeal: interspecies affection plus a craaaaazy soundtrack. From the YouTube description, it’s apparently a Swedish children’s song that is translated like this:

Bamse and Little Hop strolled out in the woods/ then came Shellman, steppilimushroom, tripped on a cat / Bamse said: Com here, come here, kitty kitty litte kitty, and you’ll get a meatball when we come there / as soon as they saw grandma’s house high up one the hill, Little Hop ran so fast all the way there / and Bamse said: Now you’re running too fast, too fast. Wait for us, we have no long legs and Shellman he is tired, tired. / Come in, come in, in my cabin and you’ll have meatballs with lingonberry and a lot of icecream. / Don’t you want some honey, big strong Bamse? / No thanks, no thanks not now I’m satisfied. / Then the little housmouse said: The honey is stolen / Bamse ran so fast, so fast, catched Jansson’s cat. / Noopsy Banoopsy little cat, you’ll get a stomach ache / And now the story came to it’s eeeeend!

(via Feyfriends)

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  1. That could almost be Anderson Pooper! Almost, but not quite. Anders is handsomer still.

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