!! OMG, he’s naked: Jason Segel !!

Neil Patrick Harris’ co-star from How I Met Your Mother , Jason Segel got naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up. You can see a bunch of NSFW screen grabs after the jump.
Thanks to Mad Scientist for the tip.
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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jason Segel"

  1. jason, myson is a grower. this means his cock will grow to 37 1/2 inches in less that 10 minutes if he drinks low fat milk on a regular basis and will grow even bigger for every fucking mormon he spits out throughout the day.

  2. I would so do him. He’s cute. I like his body and cock.

  3. actually i should’ve said the character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is my ideal boyfriend.
    i don’t even know Jason Segel…lol

  4. He’s my ideal boyfriend.
    Funny, puppy-dog eyes, tall, thick penis!

  5. What are you people talking about? He is cute in a Boy Next Door kinda way, I like the sweet faced guys, not evetyone needs to be so hardcore. As far as the size of his equipment goes, why is it his fault your pussy is a gaping hole you can park a Buick in?

  6. If that’s a small penis, I’m in trouble…lol I so would do him.

  7. Oh weiners n beans

  8. I think he’s VERY sexy and that cock looks delicious. I love a nice thick guy.
    Victor, stop being such a muscle queen. It’s not cute anymore.

  9. Fuck you, Victor! He looks just fine. Not everyone has to be chisled to be appreciated.

  10. Jason is so hot!! I read a blurb a while back where he says that he now has second thoughts about his nude scene because of his “small penis” and how women don’t generally like guys with small penises. Well, Jason, rest assured that it is NOT small and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I’d hit it!! 😉

  11. I’ll give him credit for doing it and setting an example for whimpy actors. But I would probably pay him not to get naked anymore, unless he gets his flabby ass to the gym and gets to about 10% bodyfat.

  12. OMFG! He has got one hot tool on him!

  13. He looks very, very cuddly.

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