!! OMG, how cute: Dennis Quaid’s fat pug !!

You know Dennis Quaid carries this dog around to make himself feel skinny. What a pweshus wittle pile of squishiness! (via Gents Canine Society)

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5 Comments on "OMG, how cute: Dennis Quaid’s fat pug"

  1. I was hoping “fat pug” was a term for something else…..

  2. As if Pugs don’t have enough trouble breathing, being overweight certainly doesn’t help. It’s not cute or precious in any way. Owners should know better; even celebrity one’s.

  3. Excuse me, but what is cute about an obviously overweight dog? It’s cruel. And the dog looks drugged because he’s about to board a plane.

  4. awww. I love both of them.

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