!! OMG, how cute: Microsoft Office !!

I know it’s a commercial for Microsoft Office, but try to ignore that and enjoy the always-lovable Amy Sedaris and her many different adorable fat bunnies! (Thanks to Seth for the tip!)

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8 Comments on "OMG, how cute: Microsoft Office"

  1. That was surreal. So so SO weird.

  2. PC bashing is so 2006…MS and Gates have created the largest private philanthropic org. in the world…how ’bout them apples?

  3. Microsoft Sucks

  4. I just finished a movie with Amy Sedaris in Vancouver. She gave you the character’s complete backstory in a gesture, and with her remarkable face. A Comic Masterpeice.

  5. now i want a windows machine

    who am i kidding. macs rule. and so does amy sedaris.

  6. Funny enough I guess. I love her.

  7. Oh man, she totally sold out. I still heart her though.
    And now I want a cupcake.

    I want a bunny

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