!! OMG, Hollywood garage sale: ‘Passions’ !!

All I remember about the soap opera Passions from the one time I watched it is that there used to a Little Person in the main cast, which was a major thing for a daytime soap opera. Then I think the actor passed away and so did the character, but the show soldiered on for a total of nine years on the air.
Now it is ending, but before you shed too many tears, run over to the Passions garage sale this weekend in L.A. to pick up some memorabilia to keep Passions alive for years to come! I have dibs on the Cleopatra costume.
WHEN: April the 5th and Sunday, April the 6th from 8 AM until 4 PM PST.
WHERE: CBS Radford studio lot in Studio City, CA on Saturday
(via WOW Report)

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