!! OMG, how cute: Penguin on a raft !!

This little penguin takes a break from his game of tag with a killer whale to hop on these bystanders’ raft. (Thanks to Frau for the tip!)

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5 Comments on "OMG, how cute: Penguin on a raft"

  1. holy toledo! that’s one brave penguin. he’d have been a snack for one of those orcas if those people hadn’t been there in their dingy. come to think of it those people could have been the dinner meal if one of those orcas had thought to push up underneath the dingy.

  2. The killer whales look friendly enough but do they eat penguins or is the penguin having fun playing with them?

  3. I would be shit scared in that tiny rubber boat, OMG these people are crazy im sure those killer whales could easily take em down… good work though for the penguin, they look so cute, big hug!

  4. He’s just hanging out, lol.

  5. Now, this is what makes omgblog special and makes visiting the blog a daily chore. Okay, this and the sexy screencaps of naked celebs 🙂
    Such a cute video!

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