!! OMG, How Cute: Surfing Alpaca !!

Help! I’ve been a prisoner of the Wendy Williams Show all morning! It was fun for the first two hours and the next three hours were complete hell. They promised us “snacks” which turned out to be red Twizzlers. When my future rehabber Dr. Drew came out it was just like the Muppet Show– Kermit and Miss Piggy reunited at last! If you turn the show on later tonight, watch for my striped sweater and half of my woefully unshaven face during the Ask Wendy segment. And if you ever decide to attend a talk show taping, I advise you to smuggle a sandwich in up your butt. Just wrap it in Saran Wrap and it will taste fine!
I’m rushing to catch up with my posts for today (sorry!) so without further adieu I give you ALPACA ON A SURFBOARD. (What else is there to say about it anyway?)
[Via Videogum]

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2 Comments on "OMG, How Cute: Surfing Alpaca"

  1. that alpaca is clearly not enjoying itself. it is constantly trying to get away.

  2. thats terrible. the wendy ordeal. not the alpaca. thats cute.

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