!! OMG, how dangerous: The office !!

Watch the guy in the middle go ballistic around 22 seconds into the video. He then continues to go ballistic, destroying the office and beating people up until he’s eventually tackled to the ground. I hope this isn’t real. (Thanks to Ed for the tip!)

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6 Comments on "OMG, how dangerous: The office"

  1. LOVE the taser sound.

  2. They are speaking Russian.

  3. I found it to be quite beautiful.

  4. The poor guy had to work for Macy*s

  5. Its fake.. none of the monitors have power cords.. they would all have to be yanked out.. they aren’t plugged in. Means its fake.

  6. Real or not, there are enough crazies out there to support it being true!
    What gets me are all of the other guys in the office that stand around like major wimps and do nothing at first to stop this nut bag. A group a queens would have kicked this guys ass! 🙂

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