!! OMG, how depressing: Future Me !!

I woke up this morning to an email I sent to myself 2 years ago. I sent it via FUTUREME.ORG. FutureMe is a site that allows you to write an email to your future self and have it sent on a date of your choosing.
My email to myself two years ago went something like this:

Dear Future Me, by now you’re probably married, rich, surrounded by Oscars, and have that gag reflex under control, so everything should be perfect. If none of this is true you might as well get on a bus to Winnipeg and hope for the worst.

Wait, how did Past Me know about the Winnipeg Slasher? Is it too soon to joke about that? Oh Present Me! Will you ever learn?
There is also a PUBLIC ENTRIES section and a BOOK.
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  1. my future me is married to graydon

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