!! OMG, How Disrespectful: Graveyard Booty-dance !!

Well I guess a graveyard’s as good a place to booty-dance as any!
(Via Videogum)

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5 Comments on "OMG, How Disrespectful: Graveyard Booty-dance"

  1. they can’t even dance!

  2. how tacky…

  3. I can’t get over how much they look likes dogs in heat wanting to get pounded. I’m speechless on just how disgusting these girls MAKE themselves look….and for what, the attention of men? what kind of man is into this? the kind of man that will impregnate that girl and leave her ass on welfare while he moves to the next girl who booty dances for him. GROSS and super tragic.

  4. This is disgusting and everyone should report it to youtube. I would be one pissed off mother fucker if that was my parent or grandparents grave. Disrespectful…..

  5. fucking whores someone needs to dance on them when they are laying in the streets dead

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