!! OMG, the Levi Johnston Teaser Picture! !!

On one hand, Levi Johnston is still not nude. On the other hand, he is hot and getting nuder by the moment. On the other hand I am totally sick of him and his insincere crap. On the other hand, I hate Sarah “Pig” Palin way more. On the final hand, I feel like it’s my obligation to report the details of his impending nudity as we get closer and closer to the release of the photos. On the last final hand, obviously this is just a bunch of publicity hype about absolutely nothing and I can’t believe I’m buying into it.
So here’s the teaser photo from the shoot, just released on Playgirl.com. (Link NSFW, duh!) I dunno. Do you want to hear more about this or not? I guess you could call this a poll.

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32 Comments on "OMG, the Levi Johnston Teaser Picture!"

  1. Hes megahot & I wanna see his cock asap!

  2. I’m the other way around. I dislike Palin a lot, but dislike this guy even more. I would like them both to go away, but especially him.
    So put me in the “don’t want to hear more about this” column.

  3. First I wasn’t interested, then I was, now…I’m not lol

  4. i don’t even know who he is.

  5. yeah..he’s sorta cute..so what? he got his girlfriend pregnant and then bailed on her and the baby and now has made a career-of-sorts for himself by trashing his child’s grandmother. can’t we find sexy pics of guys other than this total douchebag?

  6. might as well continue with it… if there’s impending peen.

  7. YES!YES!YES! To see Levi ‘naked’ would be frigg’n HOT!!! Besides being hot, he’s dirty, ignorant and he is str8. He just better give us the full monty, which I hear that rep from Playgirl say’s he didn’t give any frontal. I’m waiting too!!!

  8. Much like K-Fed used to be hot looking (was and still is dumb as dirt) but a total hottie, I can’t wait to see Levi. I guarantee it’ll be NBNP (nude, but no peen). I think the hockey stick will get more attention.

  9. yes. might as well…bring it on

  10. We’ll happily post nude pictures of you if you send them, hobo!

  11. I dont see what all the fuss is about…..hes not that good looking. Hell Im better looking….

  12. Ooh, damn. I wasn’t expecting that wealth of pit hair. He seems so smooth. Well, w/e. I figured full nudity was too good to be true. Celebs never bare all for play*. They always tease. And this kid thinks he’s not a nobody.
    Down the road, though….

  13. Hmmmm…
    So far, so good! I want more!

  14. i say keep reporting on it.. there’s more to hotness than seeing his cock .. he’s hot

  15. Oh HELL no.. We’ve heard more than enough about this loser already

  16. I am sick and tired of Levi Johnstons johnsonless pic spread. He must not have anything down there if he is not willing to show the goods.

  17. Seriously, this douchebag can either whip it out, and we’ll all take a quick look, or he can not, and go the muthuhfuck away. Who’d’a thunk Alaska would turn out to be assier than Texas??

  18. Distingue Traces | November 17, 2009 at 11:19 pm | Reply

    Yes, continue with the coverage. The pointlessness of the whole thing has become entertaining in itself.

  19. So why do people keep giving this creepy dimwit publicity? Why is he famous? Why the hatred and name calling for Sarah Palin? Why can none of the libs think for themselves and, finally, why do they always follow the same template?

  20. Of course you gotta stay on this. As ridiculous and moronic as he is, he’s hot. After his big reveal, shut him out.

  21. Nothing comes between me & my Levi…. I wish to see mre

  22. unless hes totally nude or has something funny or disturbing on his body (ugly Alaska pride tattoo, giant mole, etc.) I think a boycott is in order.

  23. I’m an ass man myself; I say “Bring it on!”

  24. TOTALLY agree…..but i’m praying he shows his dick.

  25. I hate myself for this but I say we watch this train wreck till the very end.

  26. i do i do

  27. Craig in Portland | November 17, 2009 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    Where? Where is the link or teaser pic?

  28. I gotta say… I WANT MORE.
    While I still feel duped that he didn’t show the goods, he’s hot.
    Plus, Sarah Palin says it’s a shame he’s turned to porn to make a living (I guess she hasn’t seen his Pistachios commercial), like that’s a bad thing. Anything to make her look bad is fine by me.
    Gimme Levi… Levi’s or no Levi’s.

  29. Hm. I thought they will be released today, when sarah’s bio got released… Please tell us more. And show the pictures when they are ready. I’m from germany and this is the best way for me to see them. *begging* He’s hot. Altough he will not be totally nude…

  30. I love you guys more than other websites. I know perez is all over this as well and I’d rather NOT go to his website to view the pics and updates. But I will if you guys don’t cover it. Yes, Levi is irritating as hell but he is still hot. And any hater of Palin is a friend of mine!

  31. if he doesnt show his dick, dont give him the publicity — it isnt anything interesting otherwise

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