!! OMG, how diva: Krispy Kreme Rant !!

Is this meth? Is this what meth does to you? Let this be a warning! Don’t tweak and blog! Girlfriend’s actually kind of the James Joyce of YouTube. I can’t even follow her stream of consciousness. She’s like Rain Man. I almost want to slow it down to be able to decode it. The jelly-filled rant at 6:15 is pretty fantastic, actually.

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9 Comments on "OMG, how diva: Krispy Kreme Rant"

  1. I liked how he said KRISPY CRAAAME! I would find it difficult to know this guy, he would wear you the fuck out in 15 minutes and you’d be begging him to shut the fuck up. I like that he has a relationship with his mom though, most kids THIS out and in your face usually get the boot from the household, so thats nice. He does have some interesting stories though, you gotta give him that. Maybe in 10 years he’ll settle down and learn how to tell them without being so incredibly dramatic…a little drama is fine but when you have it cranked up to 20 from the get-go, you tend to alienate people. Interesting stories though, I wish CNN would let this guy report.

  2. “… fecal matter remnants.”
    ROFLMAO Jesus H Christ on a cracker that’s hysterical!

  3. my favorite part:
    “so when we got to krispy KREME…”
    This is hilarious and right from the heart. We’ve all thought through this issue thoroughly before. Now all she needs to do (it is a she, frankie, even if she is male) is make a video about the customers that are the bitchy ones!

  4. She was not nursing my headache one bit…. that mouth goes 24/7? lol….Needs to be on Zanys Comedy circuit! Also 1/2 way thru she needs to put that “slow motion” recording to decode what she is saying to make it even funnier!

  5. One of the reasons I regret to use the term gay to describe myself. There’s me…then there’s this.

  6. “…navigating through my mouth like G P Goddamn S…” Brilliant!

  7. you have to see his other video called “the walmart terrorist”. i love this guy!

  8. holy fuck where do i start.first boy or a girl?second why did i watch all 10 min like this was a train wreck ..hmm maybe it was girl needs to lay off the shit

  9. I could not have said it better. Praise Jesus!

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