!! OMG, how dreamy: Barack Obama at 18 !!

(Image Source via Feyfriends)
Continuing my tradition of posting high school yearbook photos of attractive men in the spotlight (see George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, Tom Cruise), I present to you “Barry” Obama, who evidently enjoyed polyester, basketball, and… soda? There is a glass bottle of something there on the desk, but back then didn’t everything come in glass bottles?

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5 Comments on "OMG, how dreamy: Barack Obama at 18"

  1. so does niccain.

  2. Wow, Brenda really sounds intelligent.

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  4. Whoa I didn’t know “lates” used to be “laters.” I hope he doesn’t mix them up on the campaign trail.
    And I’m sure he was nicknamed ‘Barry’ because it was probably easier than having to listen to his honky-ass classmates mispronounce his actual name every damn day.

  5. funny how he’s ‘barry’ then, but ‘barak’ now, as if being muslim suddenly makes him ‘en vogue’
    what a load of crap

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