!! Greg Scarnici rings the alarm !!

This was posted on YouTube last September, but I want to bring it to all of you now because A. I love Beyonce’s song “Ring the Alarm,” and B. I love mocking Beyonce (that affection extends to anyone who enjoys mocking Beyonce, such as Mr. Greg Scarnici, the man behind the above video).
Watch Beyonce’s original video after the jump to compare and contrast.

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3 Comments on "Greg Scarnici rings the alarm"

  1. He looks like my female spanish teacher. D:

  2. OMG, how changeable: Madonna

    If you thought this would be another post making fun of Beyonce, you would be wrong! Just because I find Lady B’s latest red carpet pose silly and I posted that parody of her “Ring the Alarm” video doesn’t mean that I don’t take equal delight in satir…

  3. I LOVE Beyonce and that song is so kickin’. Did you see her perform it live on the MTV Video Music Awards. Dazzling and SUPER HOT. I have it in the archives of my blog somewhere and it’s certainly on YouTube…

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