!! OMG, how dumb: Fat Hard Drive Question !!

A confused X-Box player thought his console and laptop were getting heavier with the more data he put on his drives. Methinks he was the one getting heavier:

Apologies if this is the incorrect area for this question.

I’ve noticed that as I copy data/install programs on my Laptop, the weight of the Laptop increases. I have a bad back and am medically limited on the amount of weight I can carry so I need to be very carefull not to inflict injury upon myself.

I have also noticed my XBox feels heavier as well (the more games I save or purchase from arcade). I generally don’t travel with my XBox so that is not an issue for me, but note the I am having the same results.

My ask, what is the weight/file ratio? So for example, how many GB’s = 6oz? I dread the day I need a dolly to commute to work with my Laptop.

Thanks in advance!
– K

I shouldn’t really make fun of this guy. Once I went into a bike shop cause I thought my bike was harder to pedal. Turns out I was just fat and out of shape.
Click HERE to see all the sass-back responses to the question.
Thanks to Stephen for the tip.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how dumb: Fat Hard Drive Question"

  1. People doing dumb things and asking dumb questions really never surprises me, but this one is a first!

  2. I’m in no position to laugh – the day after I bought my first computer, it kept crashing every 10-20 minutes. I called the store and the lady said, “Bring the box in”. Being the total computer illiterate I am, I went back to the store with the cardboard box it was packed in!

  3. This is the funniest shit i’ve seen in a while. Laughed for 30 mins lol…. Best comment was the one about the guys head getting heavier cause he had absorbed to much knowledge.

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