!! OMG, How Educational: Justin Bieber learns about world cultures !!


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6 Comments on "OMG, How Educational: Justin Bieber learns about world cultures"

  1. Wait, “Is German for basketball” doesn’t even make sense. That question. What is it even asking? I think that’s what he meant. The question doesn’t make sense.

  2. Even more important point to consider, Lindah: Justin isn’t American, he’s Canadian. It seems like he’s forgotten that aspect of himself.

  3. He’s dumb as a post. Cuter than one. But still dumb.
    Plus, I’m getting a little tired of his “little thug” act. Another skinny little white boy who’s just a poser.

  4. That aint a word they use in america?? just because YOU have no idea what it is doesn’t mean the whole of the US of A doesnt’t 🙂

  5. Oh dear Franco . . . he’s not a “little boy.” He’s 16 years old! He should know what “German” means.

  6. I think his parents should allow him to have a normal childhood, it’s not beneficial for anyone to thrust a little boy into this kind of fame, and it’s only going to further alienate him from reality as he gets older. His education should come first.

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