!! OMG, how educational: Madonna’s arms !!

Madonna‘s body is starting to remind me of the “Visible Man” model I made when I was a kid. You painted on all his veins to learn about the circulatory system. (via Daily Mail)

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9 Comments on "OMG, how educational: Madonna’s arms"

  1. It’s called Human Growth Hormone. I love her, but she’s a vampire.

  2. When did you see her, in 1984?? This photo is not Photo-shopped LOL! Seriously, all you Madonna fans need to tone it down a smidge — the woman has extremely low body-fat and is on tour to boot, so her arms are no surprise at all. Plus, she’s obsessed with herself and is a total narcissist. Which makes me wonder: does SHE think she looks good?

  3. It amazes me how everyone in the universe thinks they can identify a photoshopped image, just because they don’t think it doesn’t make sense. I wasn’t aware everyone was a digital artist, but wait, I am, and no, it’s not photoshopped.

  4. Gross! Grandma arms.


  6. How could anyone think this picture is real? You don’t get arms that skinny and bony from working out – you only get arms like that from an eating disorder. If she had an eating disorder her whole face and body would be like that, not just the arms. That is obviously FAKE!

  7. She overdid her workout, no reason to stop working out because of that. But now we understand what her ex husband meant and why he left her. who wouldn’t when shreds of her feminity is disappearing.

  8. This is PHOTO-SHOPPED…I have seen Madonna in person several times and her arms do not look like that. She looks much more youthful in person.

  9. good lord tell me that is photo-shopped to make her look gross!! I can’t stand this, I am going to put this photo on my fridge to remind me not to work out.

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