!! OMG, How Educational: The Sex Squad !!

I guess this is how kids learn about safe sex these days: from a scary villain who shoots evil sperm from his misshapen penis-hands./ If the goal of this Canadian sex ed game was for me to be so grossed out that I’ll never get an erection again, well, it worked!
[Adventures in Sex City via Gawker]

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7 Comments on "OMG, How Educational: The Sex Squad"

  1. uh, not that i’m disagreeing with you goldenboy but what are you talking about?

  2. You are a typical fascist homo cock sucker peace of human filth who does not want to hear other peoples comments or oppinions that differ from your narrow minded ignorant thinking. Your mentally ILL. Go get yourself some help!!! You nut case extremists are part of the reason normal gay people like myself are scared to call themselves gay!! GEt lost! People like you are an embarresment to us normal gay people!!! Do the conservative gay community a favor and DROP DEAD!!!

  3. It looks harmless to me!

  4. It would interest me if I was 10 years old!

  5. oops! thank you Kashka!

  6. I played – It was fun. Very creative and, I think, a good way to teach young people (or, really, everyone).

  7. husterical post but it’s from London, Ontario, Canada not London, England….just a friendly correction 😉

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