!! OMG, how effective: AYDS !!

“Why take diet pills when you can enjoy AYDS?”
I wonder why this weight loss plan isn’t still around…
See another commercial after the jump! (Thanks to Kevin for the tip!)

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3 Comments on "OMG, how effective: AYDS"

  1. I used these to lose a few pounds when I was in high school.

  2. I remember those! My Mom used to stash hers on top of the fridge. When I was 5 I climbed up on the counter and found them. I must have eaten half a box. I was so sick to my stomach!

  3. This is a blast from the past! I recall when I was visiting an aunt out in the countryside when I was a little kid. She had those little diet ‘treats’ on the dresser in her bedroom. My cousins and I decided to sneak a taste of those little ‘candies.’ We snickered as we realized that a dreadful disease happened to have the same name. How is it that little kids were much more media savvy than old suits somewhere in corporate America? Well, you live and learn! Right?

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