!! OMG, how embarrassed: Anderson Cooper !!

In this bizarre fitness segment of Live with Regis and Kelly, Kelly Ripa schools Anderson Cooper on how to “thigh dance” and do other pelvic-thrusting aerobic moves on the floor. Anderson is remarkably clumsy and inflexible for someone who might occasionally need to bend a little. He can barely touch his toes, let alone get his ankles to his ears. (Thanks to Carter A. for the tip!)

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22 Comments on "OMG, how embarrassed: Anderson Cooper"

  1. Is Anderson dating Erica Hill?

  2. Andy: 4:15


  4. you guys saw a package?

  5. Pretty, Pretty MAN!

  6. Anderson, You keep everyone guessing honey and I won’t tell either. And you were right to say no. What if they wanted you to do hip thrusts with just a jock strap on. Like everyone would not be on their knees with their noses pressed against the screen. You are a highly visible personality and the world is full of parasites looking for a reason to lose interest. Not me of course….cause I won’t tell and you can always be in charge. OK?

  7. What a prissy gay! He really came off as a poor sport by not participating. Sometimes we all have to do something that is embarrassing. It’s certainly better than coming off as a snooty little queen. Over it…

  8. At least we now know he tucks to the left. Nice package. The big arms and chest are from the power thrusting he does as a top!!

  9. He wasn’t an bad sport as he said he knew if he did he would end up in some sexy viral videos. I love his laugh! Kelly picked these exercises just for Anderson. I must admit it would of been really great to have seen him do the thrust, especially with that guy , who just happened to been placed behind Anderson. He was being set up and he knew it!

  10. luv the bulge.
    the grey fox is hot!!
    you know he’s probably got a great cock! lol

  11. he is too full of himself. he should of done the exercises…im sure everyone reading your blog would have loved to see him thrust that bulge lol

  12. LMAO…
    Bro I can’t even touch my toes when working out, but when it comes time to bending over I become a naturally-born contortionist.

  13. OMG he has the most adorable laugh ‘(-.-)’
    anderson…i hope to god ur a top cuz im gettin this ass ready for u when u come out 😛

  14. love anderson

  15. Have never been a huge Anderson fan. He needs to come out already, but my oh my that’s a nice bulge he has there!!

  16. I had no clue Anderson was that built…

  17. Mole viewers know he’s flexible enough to get his ankles to his ears. We have fond memories of him introducing a guy contestant to a challenge involving a bed by laying down on his back and flipping his legs behind his head.

  18. He’s damned if he did damned if he didn’t.
    He looks like a bad sport for not cooperating, but he’d look like a total retard if he did.

  19. Well, I’m loving the package he’s sporting throughout much of this segment… absolute hotness!!!

  20. Anderson Cooper is a top.

  21. He is such a drama queen!
    The hottest, silver daddy drama queen ever, but still a drama queen.

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