!! OMG, how fashionable: Pot Bellies !!

The New York Times is declaring Pot Bellies (or “The Ralph Kramden”) the hot fashion accessory of the summer for Brooklyn coolies:

Too pronounced to be blamed on the slouchy cut of a T-shirt, too modest in size to be termed a proper beer gut, developed too young to come under the heading of a paunch, the Ralph Kramden is everywhere to be seen lately, or at least it is in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, the McCarren Park Greenmarket and pretty much any place one is apt to encounter fans of Grizzly Bear.

Is forcing out a “pregnant belly” after eating two Cinnabons and a Big Mac cool? Cause then I might be alright.
Scooped from Cory.

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3 Comments on "OMG, how fashionable: Pot Bellies"

  1. Wait, is this how the trucker hat trend is reinventing itself?

  2. i’m sooo ahead of the curve.

  3. FINALLY! A fashion I can achieve! Well, to be honest…I achieved it 10 years ago 🙂 I always thought I was a slob but now I can tell people that I’m actually an innovator ahead of my time. My mantra is – I don’t follow fashion, I wait for it to follow me. Pity it doesn’t work.

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