!! OMG small penis alert !!

What a great way to get back at the guy who has been peeing in your lobby: Hang posters of his face all over the city and belittle his manhood!
Click to enlarge the image. The posters are hung all over a neighborhood in Toronto. (Thanks to Sarah for the photo!)
UPDATE: Alex, the creator of this campaign, has sent us a higher quality version of the poster along with VIDEO footage of the perpetrator! See both after the jump.


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9 Comments on "OMG small penis alert"


  2. OK, the police say they can’t charge him with ‘public urination’ but they can certainly charge him with trespassing. Alex needs to get a copy of both the Trespass to Property Act and the Provincial Offences Act. There is a procedure by which he would be able to charge Penis Boy. At the very least, the cops can issue a warning for trespassing (engage in prohibited activity on a premise) and if he does it again, charge him.
    that filty pig is a health hazard ….

  3. i have a really small penis ….. and i bearly cumm haha i kinda like it when my pp gets made fun of tho

  4. The Penis was so small it was just hard to see

  5. Has this been featured in the local media? I haven’t seen anything yet. I imagine the SMALL PENIS poster is actually hurting that possibility but here’s hoping someone gets the word out.

  6. how is “small penis” somehow more of a slam than “guy who pees in stairwell”?

  7. The video only shows him from behind.

  8. what about the someone or something that leaves turds and puddles in our stairwell?

  9. SmallPenisAlert | August 14, 2009 at 11:07 am | Reply

    Here is a clear shot of the poster:

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