!! OMG, How Fierce: Fight turns into vogue-off at public aid office !!

Welfare office beatdown realness! Work!
[Via The Awl]

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14 Comments on "OMG, How Fierce: Fight turns into vogue-off at public aid office"

  1. Okay, this was filmed at the welfare office, right? How does the fella who shot the video afford what has to be an expensive cell phone if he is on welfare? I seriously doubt he was just “hangin” with friends.

  2. omjesus this is amazzzingggg!!!! i love!

  3. There are two things that I cannot stand in this world. One is stereotypes. The second is people who actually give stereotypes “life”. If you are a member of a certain “group” of people who have negative stereotypes associated with it, don’t fuckin’ feed into it. This is why, as a gay guy, I can’t stand seeing another gay guy in a pink t-shirt swishing down the street yelling “hey girl”

  4. I hope everyone watched far enough into the video to see the part where the dance moves are whipped out, cause that’s why i posted it! the people fighting is not that interesting. and also, yeah, i know i might have been asking for it by posting the video, but could the racist pigs please STFU? (i’ve been holding the really racist comments per our commenting policy.)

  5. I look at that video and I feel terrible for the future of our country. The violence is an everyday thing in the US.. And when Mr. Entitlement (Obama) is done with us we will be finished as a world power… I hope people who are receiving benefits are keeping an eye on the deficit because in the near future we won’t have the money for those benefits anymore…. get your work gear out..

  6. no honey, there are hardly no trashy ass white people on welfare. This is because they too busy making and smoking meth in their trailer parks, having sex with their relatives, and attending klan meetings.

  7. I can only pray to the GODS that ‘disgusted’ meant ‘the HUMAN race’ and not ‘BLACK PEOPLE’ with that comment.
    It’s okay… I feel disgusted by humans too… Especially racist ones.

  8. kevin in ohio | March 27, 2010 at 5:52 am | Reply

    Not so much an example of a “crazy-ass, violent, agressive race” as it is a top-shelf Bitch-slappin’ from a seriously pissed off urban flamer. Hope she got her food stamps — I’m sure you don’t wanna cross her when she’s pissed AND hungry. Priceless…

  9. I always used to wonder what would happen if I had to rely on senior citizen and fat assed women ‘security guards’. Well, now I know. That woman’s gut and ass were so effin fat, bitch couldn’t bend over nor hardly move her lard ass to stop that fight. Her useless fat ass should be fired.

  10. WTF!?! Welfare is a way of life.
    How many billions are spent on people like this?

  11. People! Don’t feed the troll! Just ignore it and it will go away.

  12. Yes! Because as we ALL know, there are no trashy ass white people on welfare! STFU!

  13. I am disgusted by disgusted, and yet now I feel a little bit racist.

  14. Take a good look people at what your tax dollars are supporting.
    Those lazy ass m****f***rs should get out and work on roads or something to earn that damn money they’re dragging out of our pockets. What a waste of effin space on the planet!!!!
    Entitlement for life and more with OBAMANATION!!!
    A perfect example of a crazy ass, violent, aggressive race.

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