!! OMG how flirty: Ryan Seacrest and Anderson Cooper !!

Anderson and Ryan, sitting in a tree… Complementing each other’s ties and making penis jokes. ON AIR.
Watch it and giggle along with me.
(via ONTD)

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10 Comments on "OMG how flirty: Ryan Seacrest and Anderson Cooper"

  1. Waw! They’d be hogging the headlines for months if they’ll hit each other off! I wish they will though. AC is a COMPLEAT and COMPLETE eye candy! Seacrest may just complement it. I flirt a lot too and I could sense that they’re just doing the same not just mere exchange of pleasantries. Whatever makes them happy! TO BED NOW!

  2. OMG, how cranky: Angelina Jolie

    Ryan Seacrest may be able to make Anderson Cooper giggle like a schoolgirl, but he has no such effect on Angelina Jolie, who was shooting daggers through him on the red carpet Monday night at the Golden Globes, and for good reason. He is such a dummy….

  3. it is my understanding that
    anderson likes his ties
    not sure what that means but some feel the measure of a man is connected with the size and shape of his tie.
    it can all be a little knotty.
    jack jett

  4. What do you mean “tried,” Saeed? You mean you didn’t say yes?! Are you completely and utterly insane?!

  5. A few years ago Anderson tried to pick me up at G in NY. He’s very nice and very shy.He does like dark boys.
    I sure hope Saeed didn’t turn AC down, God knows I wouldn’t!

  6. Well, Saeed… Are you just going to leave us hanging (Pun intended)? Did Anderson get a yes or a no when he tried to pick you up. I’d be more than happy to send my email if you care to share LOL

  7. A few years ago Anderson tried to pick me up at G in NY. He’s very nice and very shy.He does like dark boys.

  8. Adorable. Randerson is a wet dream!

  9. I think they would make a great power couple. I would pay a few shillings to watch them go about it.

  10. I don’t know about you, but I got an erection.
    Ryan and Anderson are both smokin’ hot – and, of course, their sexuality is in question.
    Closeted, bi or just metrosexual?

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