!! The Hair Petting Game !!

Invasion of personal space is the theme for 2007 as we get off to a great start with the “hair petting game.” Invented by the ladies at Bad Girl Productions, it involves touching the backs of people’s heads as many times as possible without them noticing.
Before you get up in arms, remember that it’s all for a good cause! “Proceeds” will be donated to Locks of Love, which gives free wigs to kids that lose their hair from chemo. I’m not sure where these proceeds are coming from, considering the above video advocates only inappropriate touching and not charitable giving, but I’m sure the clever ladies have a plan.
As the girls in the video say: “Don’t be scared… pet some hair!”

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2 Comments on "The Hair Petting Game"

  1. Yeah, me too but I’d rather pat some pubes!

  2. I so worship this idea

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