!! OMG how folk poppy: Jonathan Boulet! !!

Vibey folk pop is all the rage in Australia. I know this because I’ve had three conversations about three different indie Australian folk pop acts this week alone. And we all know Three = Trend. This time next year I’m sure we’ll all be reminiscing over the great “Sydney Folk Pop Explosion of ’09” and how 20-year-old Evident Records artist Jonathan Boulet led the way with his self-titled debut album. One of his best tunes is “A Community Service Announcement”, which has a breezy melody and a gentle percussive bounce the recalls the Arcade Fire song “Haiti”. Download it below!

Download “A Community Service Announcement” by Jonathan Boulet

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  1. Great song – HUGE fan of the blog, check it daily for years now, you inspired me to start my own, it’s going pretty well too! Thanks!!!

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