!! OMG, how foxy: Roman Catholic Priests !!

I know a lot of you have been enjoying my Dieux du Stade calendar posts, so here is something in the same vein, but even naughtier, if that is possible: The Sexy Priest calendar. Which one do you want to take your confession? View them all after the jump [totally safe for work].
(Thanks to Tom in Columbus for the tip!)

I’ve given them all fanciful names. Who is your favorite?
Padre Antonio
Padre Flavio
Padre Giulio
Padre Felipe
Padre Stefano (click to enlarge)
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15 Comments on "OMG, how foxy: Roman Catholic Priests"

  1. Look really sexy! But I don’t think they are priest. Either just actors, or you stolen these priest photos to fantasy on …lol…

  2. hot padres! all of them must be pedophiles !!!!!!

  3. I’d like to see naked priests.

  4. Holy hell… You’ve made my day, no… my life.

  5. In the name of the Roman Catholic Church and our savior the Lord Jesus Christ, I strongly urge you to take this page off the net. It is truly insulting.

  6. Now my fantasy came true… Forgive me father for I have sinned.. now spank me 😀

  7. Close. It’s sacrilicious!

  8. Mmm. Sacrilegious.

  9. For some reason, priests have been a little turn-on for me. Something about the sacred and forbidden that’s sexy about the whole thing. The collar turns me on too.
    I like the first guy, Antonio, Giulio, and Felipe.

  10. its friar fuck!

  11. No need to convert. Just watching them is amazing. I’d have them over for lunch & dinner soirees!!
    Talk, talk, talk . . . lit candles, champagne, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Felipe is the best looking in this group.

  12. Frank – I am a huge fan of Josh Holloway, he plays Sawyer on Lost, and I REALLY want some naked pictures of him! I heard that he has been nude in movies but I can’t find the pictures. So I would really appreciate if you could post naked pictures of him (I would prefer full frontal but I would be happy with just ass) please and thank you. And if any of the viewers know where the pics are then please post a link!

  13. if you are over the age of 16, you would be too old for these men if they are priest.
    if they are not priest, it is a great twisted and pervy concept.
    jack jett

  14. OMG! I would SO convert to Catholicism if all priests looked like that.

  15. Sexy priests….. fun fetish, or just asking for trouble?
    Wasn’t there something from a while back about this calendar, specifically that the “priests” were really actors?

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