!! OMG, how funny: Boy Interrupted !!

New fun activity: Sneaking up on your roommate with a video camera as he jerks off to a dancing virtual woman. She’s almost as sexy as SERGIO.
This new genre of videos seems to be popular in Japan based on the posting of them on Japanese YouTube. See a few more slightly NSFW videos after the jump.

And my favorite, Two Guys by the Window:

(via Ashton Cruz, link NSFW via Sticky, link NSFW)

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3 Comments on "OMG, how funny: Boy Interrupted"

  1. They’re posted on Japanese YouTube, but seems like these clips are all American-made…
    BTW, Sergio is extremely annoying, and refuses to turn gay. Totally useless.

  2. I guess YouTube frowns upon this because none of the videos are no longer available and this was posted today!

  3. haha he was jerking to world of warcraft… its unfortunate that i know that

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