!! OMG, How Hazardous: The Perils of Paula Deen !!

Paula Deen sure does lead a dangerous and exciting life! Between all that deep frying and artery-clogging pig-outtery it’s a miracle she hasn’t been harmed in a food-related accident already. But who would have guessed that the tool of her injury would be a flying ham? Let’s just hope this isn’t part of a trend. When Sandra Lee gets conked over the head with a supermarket birthday cake covered in canned chili, it’s time to set up a relief drive!
Watch the video here.

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1 Comment on "OMG, How Hazardous: The Perils of Paula Deen"

  1. Aww poor Paula. I’ve misjudged this lady in the past.. She’s such a sweetheart- a true southerner.

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