!! OMG, how hideous: Dawson’s crying face !!

Remember when we used to think James Van Der Beek was hot? Ewwwwww!

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6 Comments on "OMG, how hideous: Dawson’s crying face"

  1. Yeah that’s pretty scary but seriously, who looks good when they cry?

  2. If he’d just come out publicly, it might do wonders for his lack of career. I interviewed a member of the production team for Dawson’s Creek and asked if James was gay. The response was, “On camera or off?”
    The billboard brow (as Klarth aptly describes it) along with the straw-like hair never caught my attention.

  3. IO really prefer Ian somerhalder (watch The Rules of Attraction!)

  4. Thought he was hot then.
    Think he’s hot now.
    Based on how important the superficial seems to be for you, I’m guessing that your chances of any relationship that lasts more than 90 minutes/days are, at the moment, slim and…

  5. Well, I did, except for the “billboard brow”. I think he reminded me of someone irl I had a crush on or something. By the time of “Rules of Attraction”, I was quite “meh” about him.
    But yeah, that expression is so awful, I don’t even want to press play. (Though in all fairness, who does look good when “crying”?)

  6. no, I don’t ever recall thinking that.

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